Business standards

Responsibility Fairness Transparency Confidentiality and law compliance at all times

CC CIB headquarters - Consulting & Company Corporate & Investment Banking

We deliver genuine value with an emphasis on objectivity and clarity while maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality. We are known for our integrity, honesty and independence.

Our success rests on the quality of our work and clients satisfaction.

We put our hearts and expertise towards making a better community, from the advices we give and daily interactions to the events we hold. In many diverse ways, we seek a better society.

 We continuously pursue the optimal value by integrating principles of sustainability into our core service offerings.

A Force for Good by delivering a Positive Impact on our Environment

The professional well-being of every one of our staff is a very important matter. We are known for providing challenging career paths with ample opportunities for growth and professional development. We are proud to uphold our tradition of nurturing creativity, innovation, and teamwork. We honour excellence and reward both individuals and groups contributions.


We are committed to our people, our firm, our clients and our community. We promote and support our Code of Conduct in our day-to-day business activities, through both personal leadership and business practice to create a flexible working environment.


Our firm’s competitive advantage is achieved through excellence and professionalism. We deliver quality services and strive to exceed expectations. We have an unbending resolve in achieving brilliant solutions in every assignment.


Developing a reputation for integrity is the key to long-term success. We first and foremost do the right thing for the right cause.


Having the best and brightest teams is our leverage. We value our global team and look meticulously for the very best recruits. Success cannot be achieved without attracting, retaining and motivating our human assets.


Our competitive advantage is featured by our added value. To create opportunities, one must be innovative, creative and ready to challenge the market with new ideas. CC CIB encourages team production and embraces creativity.


Our global presence and recruitment strategy strengthens and reflects the diversity of our communities, cultures, team members’ background and perspectives. Our diversity makes us able to respond quickly but assuredly to our clients demands.


In a competitive business, rapid company growth and industry challenges, anticipating changes and development is an undeniable requirement. We are proactive in monitoring industry development, economic environment and best practices around the globe.


CC CIB complies fully in its business, operations and ethical standards with laws, ethical behaviour, regulations and obligations towards its stakeholders.


We are very sensitive to the needs of our clients Data Protection. It is in our practice to restrict the amount of information we provide to prospective buyers, investors and sellers in early transaction stages. In addition to our strict confidentiality measure, we urge the signing of appropriate Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before any sensitive correspondence.

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