Corporate governance

Our corporate governance procedures are framed through different documents leading our management and organizational rules. CC CIB guidelines aim to facilitate and promote our activities. We ensure accuracy, transparency and maintain our state-of-the art of our publications and reports. We endeavour clear explanations of our strategic rationale and performances.

Balanced with a strong combination of experience and expertise, our firm is responsible for the oversight of its governance principles and establishes frameworks to do the right thing in the rightful way. We continuously aspire to develop a stronger foundation of long standing corporate governance principals for our firm and our reputation. 

CC CIB constantly strives to deliver a wholesome positive impact. We interact in our day to day activities with numerous people and face multiple issues.


We protect our stakeholders’ benefits, rights and wellbeing. As a responsible firm, we are respectful of human rights, data privacy and diversity. We believe that an outstanding social and environmental performances are key enablers to our success in the marketplace and our ability to satisfy the needs of all our stakeholders. We act as a responsible corporate citizen – play an active role in global initiatives and uphold the professional standards and rules applicable to all our people. In all circumstances, we reject unethical or illegal business practices and would avoid clients whom standards are incompatible with our Code of Conduct and rules.


We are excellence seekers. We compensate, reward and encourage professional growth and personal contribution that allies with our vision. To meet our commitments we act spot-on, drive results and ensure that every employee and with every contact with clients, execution evolves for the win.


At CC CIB, we prepare for the future, we upgrade ourselves and those around us. we believe that our human capital is our key to success, we focus our initiative and mentor acute talents determined to achieve the highest IQ, EQ, and social levels. Our corporate seeks to increase opportunities, growth and contribution on our behalf and our environment’s behalf.

Our goal is to uphold motivation and create value with the skills of tomorrow. To grow and invest for the future, CC-CIB nurtures and recognizes success, innovation and value creation.


As a central function in our organization we foster a comprehensive risk culture management to maintain our objectives and provide a solid basis for our decision making process. Using quantitative and qualitative tools we strive to prevent unwanted risk exposure in our operations and reporting process. Leveraging the skills and passion of our employees we double our efforts to strengthen and grow our safeguards.


Being a risk manager, is our every employee’s responsibility, we track, monitor, report and anticipate problems to arise. We focus on improving our risk management dynamics by ensuring focused real-time solutions to every bottleneck. We believe in our fierce resolve in becoming the best and most respected investment bank making our company, customers and community proud.

To do our job at the best of our qualities, we ensure that every detail counts and consistently improve our ways of doing business.

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