Asset Management

How to navigate business environments and maximise potential in an evolving market is a crucial request for asset managers.

CC CIB serves investors around the world. We provide a broad range of investment management services and solutions. We have helped our clients take advantage of today’s opportunities with innovative market insights. We aspire to provide consistent risk-premium performances for our clients building a long lasting trust and partnerships. The steady growth strategy emphasis structured on intensive research and active management results in a strong long term performance pattern satisfying our clients’ objectives.


A Multi-Market Growth Strategy Support


The right solution can only be recognized if we work together and look into your personal circumstances, background, goals, dreams and documenting facts.

We take time to apprehend your values and familiarize with your needs.

Implementation / Needs analysis / Profile / Concept



We continuously manage your portfolio and respond to the market’s developments and changes. Our goal-oriented recommendations for your portfolio evolve with your personal and market changes.

Needs analysis


We assess your personal and financial situation with you.



We discuss your potential financial strategies, your willingness to take risks and financial ability to bear them.



We create an overview of your financial concept with your perfect alignments.

We excel in what we do, we defy status quo and share ideas to help meet challenges and seize opportunities. On our clients’ behalf we look for new ways to succeed.

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