Corporate Restructuring

We address a full spectrum of options, risks and opportunities to emphasis on performance improvement solutions.


We are experts driven by improving efficiency, effectiveness and balancing short-term benefits and long-term strategic goals. Each answer tailors the best practices of each client’ industry specifics. We work jointly with our clients to be cost efficient, improve productivity and drive high-impact revenue growth.

CC CIB has represented companies, creditors, equity holders, acquirers and other key stakeholders on many complex transactions. This wide-range experience gives our professionals immediate credibility with all interested parties and push negotiations to their highest level.

Our professionals understand your industry, market specifics and business.

We understand your challenges and have an in depth image of the opportunities and competitive landscapes you can seize.

We bring on-point seamless solutions to affect immediate change while sustaining long-term business achievements.


Purpose-led / Growth / Focused / Value-Added / Innovative / Trust / Unbiased

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