Initial Public Offerings

For a successful IPO, the company must go through waves of changes and preparation. From strategic planning, to governance, tax, financial, business intelligence and leadership programmes, every facet must be thought of thoroughly.

An IPO process is a long journey that requires important decision makings and market readiness. From initial assessment to end-to-end advice, CC CIB delivers successful IPOs for a better cross-functional integration and potential achievement.


As a trusted advisor that offers valuable insights and guidance along the way, we oversee step by step every detail and ensure that no aspect is overlooked.

As one of the most tedious projects in investment banking. Team coordination and profound planning are a key components for its success.  An investment banker’s team must mediate between the different stakeholders: the company management, the legal counsel, the auditors, the underwriters and the underwriters’ legal counsel. As a matter of fact, an IPO is one of the most prevalent decisions a company’s board of directors can make, it impacts its whole being from operations to return on investment and public image.

The process we follow

Identification of issues regarding compliance regulatory requirements Liquidity analysis / Due Diligence Valuation Prospectus drafting Roadshow preparation Research reports Appointment of co-lead underwriters / Completion of registration statement Agreement on underwriting basis, lock-up terms and portion of secondary shares sold / Publication of preliminary prospectus Roadshow / Book-building or Auction process / Distribution of final prospectus Finalization of legal documents Signing of underwriting agreement / Price stabilization Marker making Research analyst coverage

Through experience, we learned that successful IPOs are ones that follows a profound process. We adapt our scheme of action to each and every client yet we follow a number of steps that we see as key measures to help companies outperform competition.


The right professionals around you is what would lead a successful IPO. The guidance before and after the realization of your project is crucial.

Best advising the company / Establishing a provisional schedule for the offering / Determining the offer price / Choosing the date for the first trading day of the company’s shares / Preparing the Prospectus Note

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