Leveraged Buyouts / Privatizations

A successful transaction can only be reached through sharp knowledge, scrupulous analysis and guidelines.

CC CIB is a firm thoroughly familiar with financial engineering techniques and is an expert in establishing necessary solutions for a successful leveraged finance transaction. Our firm has guided numerous clients in their Leveraged Buyouts or/and Privatizations. The use of leverage in the right proportion is vital to increase growth. As an option, leverage recapitalization can facilitate the distribution of capital to existing shareholders without fundraising or when other types of liquidity are unavailable.



our solutions are akin to the diverse and
ever evolving sources of leveraged finance.


With the firm’s in-depth knowledge we consider all LBO aspects (strategy, covenants, multiples, timing…) to drive the highest value impact of each component over the ten upcoming years. 

Privately or publicly held, as an independent business or a part of a larger company, whether for a company finding itself the target of such proposal or for a client seeking to utilize the leveraged finance markets for a vital acquisition, we produce the necessary advice, guidance and tools to deliver of a successful transaction.

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