Merger & Acquisition

Given a significant access to buy and sell-side deal flows through an international presence, CC CIB has a demonstrated track record in assisting organizations through complex M&A transactions. Helping clients pursue their aim by creating opportunities for liquidity and constant long term progress, are CC CIB targets.


Not only we Complete The Deal, we Create Value.

Sell - Side

Experts in our fields, we can bring significant industry knowledge from local market transactions and international experiences. We walk our clients through every step, from planning and marketing, over due diligence, to closing and post deal closing.  Whether for a total or a partial sale, we anticipate risks, bottlenecks and M&A strategic advices for better time management.


Buy - Side

For a buy-side transaction, finding the strategic acquisition, joint venture, or alliance that creates significant opportunities for growth and is the perfect fit for your organization, can be very strenuous.

CC CIB – M&A Advisory Division supports strategic and financial buyers establish acquisition goals and criteria, conduct value analyses and competitive assessments, assists clients with the bid preparations, negotiation and structuring while constantly challenging the status-quo and looking for alternatives.


Your Expectations On Focus

Meticulous Planning

Smart planning for a throughout value optimization

Heightened Performance

Utilize the transaction as a performance driver to prepare the remaining business to succeed

Clear Objectives

Anticipate the bottlenecks for smooth and efficient deal flow

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