Private Wealth Management

With your trust, we protect and manage your assets.


For your convenience, we put together our best experts. You can count on CC CIB to tap into a global network of investment specialists to deliver innovative, tailor-made, reliable and transparent proactive solutions to fit your needs. We serve as your single point of contact to coordinate all aspects to reach your targeted results.

Our specialised team sole mission is to help clients achieve their financial goals. Our decision-making approach aspires to make your feel confident in our work for you.

The Right to the Highest Wealth Management Standards Attainable

Goals Definition and Ranking / Review Status-quo / Information Analysis / Planning / Implementing / Review Progress & Reassess

• Experts who manages tax and administrative complexities

• Professionals with the ability to tailor solutions to your unique needs

• Objective third party

• A continuous trustee ensuring your targets achievement

• A well-established global firm with solid procedures

• Administration of revocable and irrevocable trusts

• Estate settlement and guidance to heirs

• Senior life management services

• Special needs trusts & Conservatorships

• Family foundation management

• Professional management of real estate, natural resources and closely held assets

We first and foremost seek to manage and protect what you’ve worked diligently for. As your corporate trustee, we assume responsibility for managing your wealth according to your specific requirements (retirement, cash flow and savings, risk willingness and management, tax, investment allocation, life transition, estate…).

How can we help you ? Get in touch with us and find the closest senior investment banker near you.