We commit

to our clients’ success and address a full spectrum of financial risks and opportunities assisting cases singularly.

We create

fast and lean responses to support high-impact changes that drives revenue growth and best strategic positioning.

Our Debt  & Capital Advisory team are senior-level practitioners who understand every clients’ competitive landscapes, opportunities, specificities and challenges.

Our Debt & Capital Advisory Division services cover many critical transaction such as bank loans, second line deals, private equity and strategic investments, high yield, mezzanine loans, “rescue” financings and cross-border / international restructurings.


Leverage Byout LBO - Consulting & Company Corporate & Investment Banking

Corporate financial restructuring usually occurs before or after a period of intensive investment or as a response to current liquidity or financial problems. Our forward-looking specialists combine strategic, financial and deep sector foresight to help you create the proper steps and action plans for the pre and post financial restructuring process reckoning all eventualities and contingency plans.

To protect your business form a deterioration in profitability, we provide strategic financial advice for a fast decision making, short-liquidity requirements assessment and quick value preservation actions. Our diverse range of actions involves companies medium and short term multilateral optimization and restructuring, guidance throughout the whole transaction, and restructuring or debt terms arrangement.

CC CIB as a global team, helps solve complex problems and implements improvements, helping you all the while focus on the key solutions to strengthen your financial performance.

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