Risk Management

To guaranty the development of your company, risk management is an undisputed safety measure.

Identifying and dealing with forthcoming risks calls for a well sustained structure to successfully control your company’s polygonal management system. CC-CIB helps you control your processes, from information security management, data protection, risk and compliance management to business continuity management.

Our in-depth experts’ aim to support your focus on your core business.

Lower interruption cost / Definite reaction / Integrated risk management system / Quick return

Business Continuity Management

Our business continuity services focus on creating fast, quick reaction in critical business situations or emergencies. To reduce the damage we help our clients develop wise reactions and measures. As a protective solution, we identify critical processes, resources and situations that can potentially put your company’s activity in jeopardy.

So you can resume your daily operations as quickly as possible, our business continuity solutions allows you to practically bounce back with quick, targeted recovery plans.

We define countermeasures based on your specific requirements and unique structure. Our experts makes it possible to avoid downtimes by minimizing the impact of disruption and using effective pragmatic emergency plans to enable your return. We offer you the certainty you need to gain a considerable competitive edge and stay functional even in times of crisis.

Information Security Management

In today’s economy the information flow is getting increasingly vast. To use it efficiently, digitalization is a must. Organisation require a much more comprehensive well-engineered IT configuration to answer their needs. We provide you with the designed advice to protect your information privacy from misuse. We are ready to support your IT security infrastructure, by either fitting your company’s process landscape, or by covering all security operations aspects by dynamic monitoring and reviews.

Data security is tremendously important in a competitive business environment, it can facilitate management and operational actions or become a vulnerability pulling the company’s development backwards. Our experts analyse your processes to uncover any potential hindrances and help you implement cost effective data protection management system throughout the firm

Risk & Compliance Management

CC CIB brings a multidisciplinary approach to your business combining:

• Anti-bribery and foreign corruption risk prevention measures,

• Litigation intelligence,

• Corporate internal investigations,

• Transactional due diligence,

• Third-party integrity and vendor screening services

• Compliance and receiver services

• Commercial disputes


Our teams help our clients resolve their pending issues starting with a deep understanding of their situation and requirements. We further our services by creating safeguards around your company’s systems.

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