Takeover Defense

We always takes our clients’ best interest earnestly.

Our M&A Advisory specialists analyse defensive profiles and assists management in crafting strategies to best protects the company’s interest. Having played major roles on M&A transactions we developed a keen sense of danger and know how to best thwart unwanted takeover offers.

The expert you can trust / The insight to act spot-on

From the latest industry-specific trends, economic development, innovation and technologies, CC CIB keeps ahead and informed to provide you with the best solution to successfully defend your interests.

A hostile takeover has been the interest of many professionals around the world. One major issue that always rises is how and whom to defend in the process. To insure the interests of the main corporate constituency, CC CIB knows how to best protect the shareholders’ interests and utilise antitakeover actions improving corporate governance law and company practices along the way.

We are known for making our clients company resilient to such future occurrence. Our takeover defense team and M&A Advisory specialists works with the client to build strategies able to block the unwanted current bid and gives the company the knowledge to subdue acquisition proposal process for a superior management mechanism.

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