Hedge Funds

Our process employs a highly selective due diligence with an integrated risk management framework allowing us to avoid industry fallouts and target attractive results.

CC CIB is a leading global investment bank offering solutions across multi-strategy and single strategy hedge funds. Our firm has always concentrated on developing custom-made investment solutions across the markets’ large scale to help investors achieve their strategic objectives successfully.

We combine diverse set of world-class investment schemes, rigorous risk management and dynamic capital allocation focusing on value strategies and idiosyncratic sources of return to meet client-specifics and demands. We share our clients’ interest and strive to protect and grow their assets through our designed strategies to mitigate risks.

Rigorous Due-Diligence / Risk Management / Custom-made

Rigorous Due-Diligence


We carefully identify and qualify investment opportunities using proprietary risk measurement tools, critical analysis of their multi-facet business framework.

Risk Management


Our diverse high-end team of professionals and advisors scrutiny opportunities and challenge the status quo to apprehend risk and target a wide variety of investment profiles.



We shape the right investment solution to meet our investor’s risk and return objectives. Our global perspective on the financial marketplace and deep expertise helps expand opportunities for our investors.

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