Private Equity

Having access to world-class investment opportunities and managers, rigorous planning, meticulous decisions and due-diligence are key success factors for a private equity investment that consistently generates attractive returns.


Our investors program oriented capitalizes on the increase of various, sophisticated investment solutions. Our advanced investment philosophy, corporate values and diligent process brings about contrarian investing opportunities with low exposure to the equity market and focus on solid risk management.

3 Mainstays for our Process : Investment thesis / We accompany our investors in developing an adequate investment thesis that follows their objectives. After multiple brainstorming we screen the profiled industry targets and create our chronogram. / Due-Diligence / As a key success factor, due-diligence makes better decisions. The definition of target’s full potential rest on a clear assessment of their prospective growth. / Value Creation / We sustain the upkeep of rapid growth by supporting revenue growth and cost reduction of the acquired company. Our teams are thus responsible for jointly leading workshops to prioritize strategic alignment with the top-management’s objectives and the company’ status-quo.

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