No matter what your industry is, we help you build extensive value for your business. Our team makes sure you succeed your transaction and reach your objectives. We have extensive market profound knowledge and expertise to deliver industry-specific value added.

We provide you with the knowledge, focus and skills to take your transaction a step further and enhance your competitive advantage in a global marketplace.

CC CIB has forged deep strategic, financial network and maintains real-time industry knowledge. Our firm’s strength is built on the extraordinary knowledge of our bankers and worldwide partners. We serve clients in a wide variety of industry sectors by drawing on hands on, up to date insight and experience.

We often put together a multiple-industry experts together to merge best practices and innovate on industry solutions.

We underpin our commitment to nurture strong, flourishing client relationships.


Your business is our business

Aerospace & Aviation

CC CIB Aerospace & Aviation team comprises seasoned experts with extensive industry backgrounds. With skill forged by working along the industry value chain, our team understands the trends, history and market...


Acting on a much global scale, the agribusiness is facing multiple challenges. With customer awareness of food components and quality, dietetic trends are governing the purchasing choices and the supply-demand proportions.


CC CIB helps you navigate your industry drivers. We collaborate to provide you with the knowledge to overcome your industry disruptors and see beyond profits.


CC CIB ensures that every aspect in your business or project is properly governed. We support you fully form beginning to end.


CC CIB values education and work with our surrounding to increase knowledge. We work with clients in the education industry and provide them with services to maximise their value and the value of their work.

Energy, Utilities & Mining

Energy, Utilities & Mining is a sector facing many struggles to meet the worldwide demand. We strive to help our clients achieve their business objectives and strengthen their position in a rapid growing industry.

Healthcare & Life sciences

CC CIB works with a large spectrum of areas in the healthcare & Life Science industry. We combine a team of multidisciplinary experts to provide you with innovative solutions that prepares you for future challenges in your macro-environment.

Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure

When dealing in the Hospitality, Gaming & Leisure sectors, your company would operate in an unbalanced market where growth and challenges taunt your development.

Industrial & Chemical

CC CIB’s diversified industry experience runs deep. We successfully provide top-tier advisory and capital raising services to companies across the Industrial & Chemical industry landscape.

Insurance & Banking

CC CIB’s global team has an extensive experience in the financial service sector. Our experts are the lead advisors of the Insurance & Banking industry.

IT & Telecom

CC CIB IT & Telecom team delivers insightful strategic advice to emerging and established companies. Our services span public and privately-held companies. We assist leaders achieve their growth and transactional aims.


CC CIB’s service offering within the Manufacturing industry targets advanced companies utilizing tools for a wider connectivity and value creation for their customers. Our multidisciplinary global team and diverse industry service ...

Real Estate

With a challenging economic reality, every real estate stakeholder has distinctive circumstances, objectives and ideas to claim profits in the industry. With our deep industry dynamics knowledge, CC CIB analyses a full range of strategic and financial options for our clients.

Retail & Consumer Products

The Retail & Consumer Products is an industry challenged with a volatile competitive market and trend. To make the most of the opportunities available in financing terms, legalities, international trade services and market forces, you need a strong, trusted partner able to provide tailored solutions fitting your trade.

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